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with the recent exposure of secrect service activities there is no need to emphasize the importance of information protection. However not only Government agencies but also econnomic parties like your competitors can gain advantages if they can get hold of confidential information from your ERP system. Most reports and forms from areas like Financials, Human Resources, Sales, etc are sent to the advisors or clerks as PDF files. SAP (Netwaever and R/3) has no built in functionality to protect your PDF files and here you can use our addon to encrypt (RC4 and AES) PDF files.

The lifecycle of customizing and development in SAP systems usally consists of development, test and productive versions. To avoid confusion for the recipients of the generated test PDF files it is neccessary to mark them clearly as test versions. Our solution gives you the ability to add watermarks (Windows BMP Format) to the PDF files. It is also possible to mark special documents as "Confidential".

If you are sending invoices or purchase oders to your economic partners you may wish to append conditions and terms to your PDF document. As these documents are usually created by the legal department as PDF documents our solution gives you the ability to append PDF documents at the end or the beginning of SAP generated PDF files.

Please feel free to download our demo version and start to investigate the potential of PDF encryption and PDF processing. You are welcome to give us your feedback.

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Steffen Gruber