Version History

22.07.2013Initial Version with AES, RC4, Watermark, Trailing Pages
10.08.2013Removal of Generation Errors during Import
03.09.2013Added Support for ADS Forms (e.g. HRFORMS)
19.09.2013Added Support for AES 256
21.09.2013AES Performance Improvements
06.10.2013Error Handling for PDF Syntax errors
10.02.2014Bugfix to solve problems with trailing pages and bitmaps
19.09.2014PDF grows over next 256^n border
22.09.2014Dump: NOT RECTANGULAR fixed
17.11.2014Infinite Loop when HEX String contains Whitespaces fixed
22.11.2014Dump when PDF has no LF at the end fixed
21.10.2016Issue when HEX String uses lower case abcdef