Free Download of Demo Version

The demo version of the PDF Encryption and Processing library has the same functionality as the full version. However it always adds a watermark "Demo / Testversion - Please visit to obtain the full version" and always appends a leading page, which describes the functionality of the library. The library is delivered as an SAP ABAP transport (datafile and cofile) in one zip archive.
An additional courtesy transport contains all ABAP sample reports (source code here) and can be applied independently of the demo version of the library. Please be aware that some sample reports may impose some risk in a productive environment:
  • One report allows uploading PDFs from the local PC to the SAP server, where they are encrypted and finally downloaded back to the local PC. A malicious user may create PDFs from confidential content, encrypt it and take it outside the property whitout the danger of detection.
  • Other reports convert spool requests into PDF files and download them to the local PC. A malicious user may use confidential spool requests and the demo reports to encrypt and smuggle confidential data. This should only be an issue on productive systems.

  Download: Installation of the Demo Version ABAP PDF Library
  Download: Removal of the Demo Version ABAP PDF Library
  Download: Installation of the ABAP Sample Reports
  Download: Removal of the ABAP Sample Reports
  Download: Installation Manual (PDF)